Improve your academic pedigree with one of our many postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate studies are an important of academic life at Walter Sisulu University.

Not only does it encourage its teaching employees to improve their credentials, the University is constantly assessing and improving the services and support which it provides to postgraduate services.

These professional services are provided by the Directorate of Research Development which delivers these services in a way that supports innovation and creativity, and adheres to high ethical and professional standards.

Amongst the support offered by the University:

  1. Funding for postgraduate students 
  2. Further resources and information.

Postgraduate programmes are available in the four main fields of study:


  1. Business, management sciences and law
  2. Education
  3. Health Sciences
  4. Science and technology.



The Directorate of Postgraduate Studies operates under the division of the Deputy Vice Chancellor: Academic Affairs and Research.
It is currently headed by Acting Director, Postgraduate studies, Dr EN Cishe.
The Directorate provides professional research support services to postgraduate students and their supervisors and coordinates postgraduate research endeavours across all faculties at the four WSU campuses.

Supporting innovation, creativity

WSU prefers not to prescribe approaches to solve particular research problems in order to enhance innovation and creativity.

Nevertheless, WSU expects those engaged in postgraduate studies and their supervisors to act with the highest standards of integrity in terms of research proposals, funding initiatives and research publications.
Adhering to high ethical, professional standards

Postgraduate students and their supervisors are expected to adhere to high ethical and professional standards. Validity and reliability as well as critical reflection not only in the planning and development of postgraduate research but also honesty in the reporting of data are considered pertinent.

Plagiarism is prohibited in postgraduate research outputs.

Presenting postgraduate research work in progress and research papers in postgraduate student research seminars and in conferences are deemed as essential ingredients of postgraduate studies at WSU. These are sponsored by the institution.
Funding for postgraduate students

In addition, WSU not only provides substantial funding for research-related expenses of postgraduate students but also subsidises postgraduate students’ fees.
Other support for postgraduate students

A postgraduate resource room with networked computers and equipped with research software, operates for the use of postgraduate students and supervisors.

A senior librarian dedicated to the Directorate caters for the needs of postgraduate students and their supervisors with regard to the library and information services.

More information, resources

Acting Director
Dr EN Cishe

Ms Liziwe Pakati
Tel 047 502 2189/2225
Fax 047 502 2775

Administrative Assistants
Mr Lonwabo Sogoni

Mr Mfundo Funani


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