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Walter Sisulu University

Walter Sisulu University is an important socio-economic player in the Eastern Cape.  It is home to 24,000 students and 2,000 academic staff, based at four campuses and 13 sites in the eastern part of the Eastern Cape… more

Turnaround strategy

The turnaround strategy continues to play a pivotal role in transforming Walter Sisulu University into an organisation that can deliver on the academic aspirations of young South Africans and in particular, those from the eastern parts of the Eastern Cape…more


Walter Sisulu University is led by the Chancellor, Ambassador Shiela M. Sisulu  while the vice-chancellor and operational head of the University is Prof Rob Midgley.  He is supported by an institutional management team..more

Walter Sisulu

Named after the freedom fighter, Walter Sisulu, the University was established as one of only six comprehensive universities in 2005. It resulted from the merger of three institutions – the University of the Transkei, Border Technikon and Eastern Cape Technikon… more


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