The Walter Sisulu University Centre for Global Health & Research is honoured to be named after Mrs Albertina Sisulu, the daughter of the Eastern Cape, who was born in Cofimvaba in the former Transkei.
As a qualified nurse and midwife, Mrs Albertina Sisulu embodied the caring ethos of the nursing profession and used it to serve the health profession and society championing human rights and right of access to health care.
She was a seasoned campaigner for the right to quality education and resisted all efforts to impose the inferior Bantu education on African children.
Because of her human rights record and her record as a caring leader, nurse and mother, Albertina Sisulu earned herself a well-deserved name of being called “the Mother of the Nation” in South Africa.
This Centre is now officially called Albertina Sisulu Centre for Global Health & Research.”



The Albertina Sisulu Centre for Global Health & Research (CGHR) will be a Centre of Excellence that advances the health systems goals and the faculty’s social accountability agenda in research, teaching and service.


Mission statement

The Albertina Sisulu Centre for Global Health and Research (CGHR) is committed to initiation, consolidation and support of health services improvement strategies through education and research as well as public/private partnerships to enhance prevention, promotion & treatment, quality of health care, health professions’ education, research and governance.


Strategic objectives

CGHR seeks to:

  • Conduct quality research, publish research findings and translate research findings to actions or policy
  • Conceptualise, develop and implement developmental initiatives in support of local, regional and national imperatives
  • Implement innovative training programmes including accredited short courses
  • Provide relevant capacity building programmes for staff and community organisations
  • Promote public dialogue on Global Health issues
  • Provide coaching & mentoring opportunities for staff and community organisations
  • Engage in appropriate collaborations and partnerships to take forward programmes.


Guiding principles

The Albertina Sisulu Centre for Global Health & Research (CGHR) is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, the Public Finance Management Act, and other requisite acts.


CGHR is guided by the principles of corporate governance and has adopted the following principles to underpin its activities:

  • Building partnerships between university, community and service providers
  • Implementing training programmes that are informed by the primary health care approach and guided by health and social needs of the communities served
  • Recruiting and developing academic and research staff that has passion for community engagement
  • Developing appropriate learning models that will enable the Faculty to support research, teaching and service
  • Implementing initiatives or interventions that enable the Faculty to contribute towards health system strengthening and realisation of national imperatives
  • Engaging in strategic advocacy work in advancement of constitutional imperatives.


Core values

The Albertina Sisulu Centre for Global Health & Research, the designated “Cradle for Social Accountability” within the Faculty of Health Sciences, is committed to the following values:



Collaborator, Researcher, Advocate, Developer; Leader and Educator



  • PSJ GP Contracting workshop
  • Mthatha GP Group Practice Workshop, 22 February & the pictures
  • Mthatha GP Contracting Workshop, 17 January 2014
  • Mthatha GP Contracting Workshop 7 December 2013
  • GP contracting study: Report


Contact us

Dr Wezile Chitha, Director

Albertina Sisulu Centre for Global Health and Research

Faculty of Health Sciences

Walter Sisulu University

P/ Bag x1

Unitra 5117

Tel/Fax +27 47 502 2635

F2m +27 86 643 4117



3rd Floor Old Library Building

Faculty of Health Science

Nelson Mandela Drive Campus

Walter Sisulu University


Eastern Cape –SOUTH AFRICA


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