We invite all past graduates to join us.

What is Alumnus?

“Alumni” is a common term that describes all those who have spent some time studying at a particular institution. At WSU, we’ve defined Alumni to be “persons” who have studied at former Border Technikon, Eastern Cape Technikon and University of Transkei that merged to form Walter Sisulu University for Technology Science, Eastern Cape in July 2005.


Alumni is more than just a definition, it’s not only a part of your past, but also who you are today. For WSU, your association with the institution did not end with your graduation day; indeed, this milestone event is simply a transition in a lifetime relationship with the University.

WSU Alumni as part of this very special family, we value your continued interest, communication, and tie in the living of your University.


Why is an Alumnus important?



Many have moved on, perhaps to a place that makes it unlikely for you to be of assistance to us. We want you to know that there are several ways you can participate in WSU activities. We are confident that all of you know where to make your mark when it comes to striving to make your alma mater even greater. Please feel free to contact one of the alumni officers in this regard. We look forward to hearing from you.



Steps have been taken to regain Alumni interest



  • Regular communication with the alumni
  • Organising reunions
  • Establishment of chapters/regions
  • Alumni road shows
  • Alumni newsletter
  • Tracing alumni reporting on their status
  • Investigate alumni progress.



The Alumni Relations Office serves to:

Facilitate communication among and between WSU and friends
  • Organise networking opportunities amongst alumni
  • Enhance the national and international reputation of WSU
  • Support the development of the WSU
  • Coordinate the University alumni programmes and related administrative functions
  • Develop, sustain, and strengthen alumni chapters/regions nationwide and may advise student leadership in developmental programmes
  • Manage production of alumni-focused publications, both online and in print.

  • Contact the Alumni Relations office at



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