In keeping with increased global emphasis on client-centred services and the commitment to academic excellence, Faculty Librarians strive to be proactive in providing instructional and information services for their Faculties.


For more information on the resources available in the areas of Education, Health Sciences, Business, Management Sciences & Law, and Science, Engineering and Technology, contact your faculty librarian.

Science, Engineering and Technology resources


Electronic journals

The list is arranged according to the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology Departments and it provides direct access to the individual electronic journal titles.



The aim of these portals is to support the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology in teaching and research activities by facilitating access to multiple remote resources through digital portals available across the globe.

Patents and standards 

A patent is a government-granted monopoly on the use of an invention. A standard is an established norm or requirement. It is usually a formal document that establishes uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes and practices.



Blogs are networking and information sharing tools for professionals or people with similar goals and interests. These contain entries of commentary, discussions, reflections, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video or even hyperlinks and books. These are typically updated daily. 


Electronic journals

Walter Sisulu University subscribes to over 40,000 e-journals.




Patents and standards


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