Welcome all students to Walter Sisulu University in general and those who are following in the fields Science, Engineering and Technology.
The aim of the University is for all students to complete their studies successfully within the stipulated period, and to graduate with a qualification that meets their needs and those of society including industry and commerce.
Skills to start their own businesses

It is also a passion of University to inculcate skills that students will need in order to start their own businesses and establish themselves as service providers to society including industry and commerce.
Our prospectus aims to provide new and returning students with the programmes offered by the University in this area and guide students in the selection of the programmes they envisage to follow.

However, should students find it difficult to select a course using the prospectus, they are encouraged to approach the Director of the respective school for assistance.
While academic work should be the cornerstone of a student’s focus there are, however, many other activities that students can engage in at university.
Participate in student societies

During their spare time, students are encouraged to participate in activities that are offered by the various student societies.
In addition, all student class representatives are encouraged to take their roles very seriously, attend all the scheduled meetings and participate in all the discussions for the benefit of the students they represent and for the benefit of Walter Sisulu University.
It is the University’s hope that you will find your studies within this field of study a stimulating and rewarding experience in 2014.

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