Freshmen and women; returning students; newly arrived staff and returning staff. The University warmly embraces you. It cordially invites you to feel at home.



Promoting achievement


This Uniersity has a respectable and respected tradition of promoting, protecting and defending the tradition of achievement. That tradition is consistent with the University’s proclaimed vision of excelling in the empowerment of those who come here to study. Some of the finest and accomplished minds in the nation were nurtured and moulded through the University’s education programmes. It is fitting that this tradition of achievement and excellence be maintained and continued.

Students who come here, whether as first or last choice, leave well-equipped and not a few of them are subsequently numbered among the best in their chosen careers. This University does not only impart relevant, quality and appropriate knowledge to its students, it also inculcates in them an achieving spirit and an inquisitive, inquiring and critical mind.



More graduates in 2013


The year 2013 was, academically speaking, a roller-coaster year, a stormy year. But we weathered through the storm. We even managed to do so with panache. Two staff members who are involved in the business, management sciences and law programmes obtained doctoral degrees . We graduated more students in 2013 than in the previous year.


More postgraduate programmes


We launched the Masters programme as part of growing our Economics and Management Sciences programmes. There are also postgraduate programmes for governance and law in the not too distant future. The SAICA (Chartered Accountants) stream remains our flagship accounting programme with the first batch of chartered accounts due to graduate in a couple of years.

A happy revolution, silent but noticeable, is taking place in this field of study. There is an upsurge of interest in the acquisition of higher degrees. This has generated a lively atmosphere of healthy competition in this regard.


Academic profile of team improving


Slowly but surely, staff academic profiles who help deliver our programmes are improving. This compares enviably with the situation that obtained before now. The evolving situation speaks to the issue of quality; quality of staff and quality of teaching. It is much welcomed. It is good for our students. It is good for the University. It is good for the confidence and self-fulfilment of staff members. I urge every lecturer not to rest on their laurels. This constantly improving situation should go hand-in-hand with improved research output. This is my challenge to staff members for the year 2014. Let there be research output!

The other constituency that is important for our programmes is the student body. Over the years our students have become more and more alive to the aims and purposes of University education. I am impressed by their sincere eagerness to study and excel. I am impressed by the record of achievement of many of them in various extra-curricular activities. I urge them not to relent in their efforts.


Read prospectuses thoroughly


I urge them to continue to be good ambassadors of University. Our throughput rate, student success rate and graduation rate have steadily improved over the years and continue to improve. I invite each student always to give the best and only the best of themselves, and never to stop being inquisitive and critical in their thinking. I invite each student to read from cover to cover our Prospectuses and the General Prospectus of the University. This will save them from unwelcome surprises.

With all these positive indicators I am able to say we are prepared to face the ‘brave new world’ of a WSU ‘born again’ in shape, size and processes. This University is on the verge of rebirth structurally, academically and attitudinally.


2014 a watershed year


The year 2014 is a watershed that holds out much promise for the entire University generally, whether in its present form or otherwise reconfigured. Exciting times lie ahead of us. Individually and collectively, we must all play our part in this impending renaissance.


The biggest, most complex


The business, management sciences and law programmes are amongst the largest and most complex in the University. We are set to march on with the rest of the University into this brave new age. As we venture into that new age it is proper for the Faculty to assert itself in the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning and research.


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