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Professor LR van Staden
I am pleased to welcome all students and staff to Walter Sisulu University (WSU) at the beginning of this new academic year, 2014.

The WSU family is indeed a large and diverse one and includes all our students, our staff, our convocation and alumni, our benefactors, employers, suppliers and the entire communities that surround and support our four campuses.

WSU provides a rich and nurturing environment for us all and plays a very important role in this part of the Eastern Cape.
In welcoming you here, my wish is that you will both contribute to and benefit from all this university has to offer.
WSU has a most compelling vision and mission and is well positioned to be a major resource for this under-developed part of the Eastern Cape. Our core values of teaching, learning, research and community engagement underpin all the activities of this university.
The Administration period which commenced in October 2011 is drawing to a close in 2014.
However, the turnaround projects will extend far beyond the end of this year. We anticipate that a new council will be appointed this year and governance restored to the university. The firm foundations that have been established over the past two years will stabilise WSU and hold her firm as she continues to re-build and restore.

There is overwhelming goodwill towards our university and I anticipate that together we shall build upon the strengths and opportunities we already have to our advantage. Walter Sisulu University is moving towards a position of stability and strength and I look forward to your cooperation in this important new year.

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