The services which follow under Career Development are:

  • Orientation programme of all new students
  • Academic counselling to all students
  • Training for and manages the mentorship programmes
  • Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) programme,a skills-based retention programme


Peer assisted learning (PAL) is offered in historically difficult subjects. An annual analysis of exam results ensures that PAL is offered in subjects with a low-pass rate history.
PAL leaders [PALLs] are senior students who act as models of how to be successful in the subject. They attend class along with the new students and hold regular PAL sessions in which they help students not only to master the material, but also to learn how to learn. Students thus develop good study habits and become independent in their learning.


  • Mediates, where appropriate, with academic and administrative departments to resolve student academic problems
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Graduate placement programme
  • Life skills for the world of work and coordinates the recruitment and employment of students.


Reading & writing centres
English proficiency assistance
Life skills training
Student placement
English, Science and Mathematics assessments
National Benchmark Tests (NBTs)
Computer literacy
Dutch universities’ capacity building collaboration
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