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Thobile Bam Branch proud of their recent win as the award signifies that hard work does indeed pay off..

WSU students put their University on the map

In a recent turn of events, Walter Sisulu University students of the ANC Youth League’s Thobile Bam branch showcased their passion and efforts for community development when President Jacob Zuma announced them as the winners of the ANC Anton Lembede Award for best performing branch in the country. He made the announcement at the ANC`s annual January 8th celebrations in Durban.

The coveted award signifies the relationship the ANCYL Thobile Bam branch of WSU has built with the internal youth of WSU as well as communities surrounding them, where they have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that they help the youth with societal ills affecting them, from issues of poverty, access to higher education and many outreach programmes aimed at uplifting young people of the Mthatha region.

According to Lubabalo Mabuyane, Eastern Cape ANC Provincial Secretary, the awards were initiated to promote a greater focus on the organisational task of building branches, strengthening local government and building the leagues.

“We congratulate the ANC Youth League’s Thobile Bam branch for receiving the Anton Lembede award as part of the ANC Achievement awards. This award should inspire all ANC Youth League structures to work hard, in a disciplined manner and inspire them to be potent in their humble respect of the ANC and its constitution,” added Mabuyane.

Mbongeni Mtsolo, Chairperson of the Thobile Bam branch narrates a long impressive list of community development programmes they have implemented both internally at WSU in trying to help disadvantaged students to get access to education through financial assistance and career guidance, as well as works done to uplift external communities such as a recent food and clothing project they followed through with St John’s High school children in need.

“We have worked hard since 2010 to build the structure to the gigantic force it is now, we initially were faced with a number of challenges and but they were stepping stones to greatness. We do all that we do to showcase that WSU students are movers and shakers who will lead South Africa tomorrow to greater heights,” said Mtsolo.

He continued that apart from community development they understand that charity begins at home and this means improving WSU’s image for the better with hard work and dedication of developing the youth.

“WSU is a developmental university capable of working with different stakeholders to achieve success and with this award we have proven just that,” reiterated Mtsolo.

Sharing the same sentiments is Abongile Ndiki, Secretary of the Thobile Bam branch, who believes that working together as the Thobile Bam branch with the new WSU management, communities and students will surely see a number of people’s lives change for the better.

“We will never tire from trying to make sure that every person even from the poorest communities such as those most of us here at WSU come from has their basic rights afforded to them, the right to shelter, safety, education, health, better living conditions and many others,” added Ndiki.



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