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LAYING BRICS FOR A SUSTAINABLE FOUNDATION: Students take time to reflect on the issues and discuss how BRICS will help see an end to poverty and unemployment.


The BRICS (an association of emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Roadshow rolled into town on Friday 8 March to spread the gospel about what the association does, and how it can extend a helping hand in confronting issues such as poverty, skills shortage and unemployment in South Africa.

Hundreds of expectant WSU students came out in droves and packed the Potsdam Site Great Hall to sip from the cup of knowledge on offer courtesy of a BRICS forum.

Discussions at the engagement were largely focused on gauging the youth’s perspectives on South African society and its problems, and how the association can help deal with these. The engagement was further used as a platform to solicit inputs from the youth ahead of the BRICS Summit scheduled to take place in Durban from 26-27 March, at which some of the issues which arose will be given a voice on the grandest scale.

Circumspect, yet positive about the initiative, third-year student Siyalithatha Ilizwe Mzayidume pleaded with government and BRICS to jolt some life into the South African education system. ”These two entities need to work a lot closer if we’re to tackle the issues that continue to hinder our growth as a country. The most effective way this can be done is through robust interventions in our education system that will see more people being educated, and the quality of education being raised,” said Mzayidume.

Buffalo City Campus SRC Premier Anele Nkoyi gave a heartfelt welcome to the forum and pledged his and the students support for the association and its endeavours to bring solace to an otherwise unstable society.

“As students we want to register our 100% support of BRICS. I really appreciate the opportunity you have afforded us and I think this will help educational institutions to understand their role in the summit. I also believe this will assist students in terms of creating awareness and enabling them to produce qualitative and quantitative research of high quality,” said an effervescent Nkoyi.

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