Chief Operations Officer (Acting) Mr Gert Labuschagne (M Business Administration (TUT), BA (UNISA)
Reporting to the Acting COO

Directorate: ICT Services: Mr Joshua Okuthe
Directorate: Facilities Management (Hard Services): Mr Dugald Barnard
Directorate: Facilities Management (Soft Services): Mr Macdonald Ndzo (Acting)
Infrastructure Projects Management Office Head: Mr Siya Mnyayiza

Departments falling within the ambit of the Directorate

Facilities Management (Soft Services): Acting Director – Mr Macdonald Ndzo
Facilities Support Services: Manager – Mr Ralph Eaton
Cleaning Services

  • Landscaping Services
  • Reprographic Services

Campus Security Services: Deputy Director – Mr Templeton Mankahla

  • Guarding Services
  • Fire Protection Services

Transport Services: Manager – Mr Siyabonga Mngeyane
Centralised Timetable and Venue Coordination: Manager – Ms Helma Smits




Human Resources
Marketing, Communication and Advancement
Quality Management

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