The National Student Financial Aid Scheme of South Africa (NSFAS) has appointed WSU to administer loan and bursary funding on its behalf.

According to the terms and conditions of the agreement between these two parties, WSU is obliged to ensure compliance to all the minimum criteria and requirements as determined by NSFAS, from time to time.

The policy provides clear administrative policies and guidelines for the awarding of student financial aid for students at WSU.

Your electronic copy of the WSU student funding aid services policy is available here.

Providing guidelines for the appeals

Walter Sisulu University (WSU) has determined the basis for eligibility for financial aid in the Student Funding Services Policy.

Not all students who apply for financial assistance can be accommodated within the limited funding made available, and as such, there will be students whose applications for financial assistance will be declined on the basis of not meeting the criteria specified by NSFAS or the university, or where applications have been submitted late, incomplete or with incorrect information.

Should the student request details of the reasons for the refusal to grant credit, the university has an obligation to provide the primary reason for the refusal.  Should the student wish to contest this decision, then the student should be provided with an opportunity to appeal the decision through an internal university process. This appeal must be in writing, must provide substantive motivation for such appeal, citing relevant and applicable facts.

This financial aid appeals and process policy is intended to provide guidelines to the internal subcommittee of the university in the determination of such appeals decisions, and to provide supporting standard operating procedures and guidelines for such a process.


First-time undergraduate application and financial aid application form for 2016
Returning undergraduate application and financial aid application for 2015 
Research bursaries
Academic bursaries

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